The reason why the creation stories are inconsistent

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Unlike when I played with RS gold f2p, I never feel as though I'm doing a grind to get its own sake, it feels like it transforms into something else I want to unlock/want to do. And because there's a lot of connective tissue involving the skills/quests/unlocks/diaries, that thing you are slogging through right now will, sooner or later, help you with something that you truly need to do. I really don't feel like I am mining because I need a mining level to mine with. Now I am mining because I need a coal tote to rate my smithing to generate money faster to train everything else faster to acquire more unlocks. It is really satisfying to want to do something (such as a quest or sth) and realize you just have a couple of prerequisites to perform it, because you already did the rest of these in service of other things you wanted sooner.

I nno, my feelings are hard to put in words. Can't wait till I have my quest cape. Let us get that 70 hunter. Frankly, I like the ride for what it really is. Between using a baby on the road and work, RuneScape is. Due to the time necessary to mill at a computer while ACTIVELY, MMOs are from the question.

While I wish to sit down and play a match, I will do the things which require more intensive attention on OSRS, but I don't eliminate progress due to my hectic life. I like the benchmarks Runescape offers. I struggled and killed Jad a few months before, and I was thrilled. I am currently grinding out 99 runecrafting for the lols and memes (it'd be my first 99 and I'm now at 88). I like the content creators and the community. There is so much lore to Runescape that makes seeing the subreddit worthwhile. This game is great for what it is. I enjoy the elevator ride.

I still strongly suspect the something that has been talked about, and will be the artifact from the desert which used to make the pantheon. We never hear any other gods being able to just bestow godhood on people to make them lesser gods, the nearest was Guthix who had been super strong (BECAUSE of the most older artifact interactions) and forced us a sort of anti-god, along with most existing gods that we all know got that way by ascending either by killing an present god or by use of the elder artifact.

You are telling me one day this arbitrary god Tumeken who's potent enough to make lesser gods at will just started investigating the desert, found a monkey and said"you're a god now"? I don't buy this, and I purchase it even less that Tumeken could be so powerful and yet his existence be unrelated to the existence of the elder god artifact within his domain. Why would Jagex even aim to get an elder god artifact from the desert if it was not /hasn't already played some type of function.

The story of this desert pantheon sound what I'd believe something called the template could do. He discovered beings such as a monkey or crocodile and utilized them as literal templates, through the"Template", to create gods. The reason why the creation stories are inconsistent since not one of them understood the way the creation worked, That is, they understand the foundation ingredient and the manufacturer then only made up the remaining details. There is only a great deal of buy OSRS gold contradictions in the Desert Pantheon history versus the world's history.