WoTLK Classic prototype was essentially revamped

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"The procedure of making the WoTLK Gold game isn't simple and it's vital for us to invest the time and effort needed to be sure that it's done right. This means poring through a variety of game versions, data and code, and then thoroughly scrutinizing every change that we've made over time," Blizzard's dev team has written.

"All the efforts we're making will eventually enable us to recreate the authentic experience on a platform that's far more stable and optimized and will help us overcome issues with latency and stability. Other improvements include anti-cheat/botting technology, customer service as well as Battle.net integration, and other options that won't affect the fundamental gameplay experience."

Blizzard discloses that the first WoTLK Classic prototype was essentially revamped the patch 1.12: Drums of War using various sources and archives. The results revealed several major issues that caused game crashes, problems that aren't compatible with the latest video card, compatibility with the current login system of Blizzard as well as other issues. The developers have announced that they've developed another prototype with the latest game's software with all its structural enhancements. This will enable them to develop an 1.12 version that's robust on modern hardware and compatible with the current infrastructure. More details about the latest developments in the blog article.

Blizzard first made the announcement of WoTLK Classic at Blizzcon 2017 where they announced the following. P2Pah interviewed the director of production John Hight about the ambitious project, and he provided additional details on ways the game would function. "[Making WOW WoTLK Classic Gold an ongoing internal discussion. I'm sure this was happening on and off over the years, isn't it? However, last year it became a raging issue and we were in for a lot internal discussions since we want to ensure that we create a fantastic player experience" He said.

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