Here are a few tips to help you select a better loaf of bread

Here are a few tips to help you select a better loaf of bread


For so many people, bread is considered a ldquo;badrdquo; food to be avoided at all costs. I hear this from my clients often. Because they have dieted for so long, many people feel like they are ldquo;cheatingrdquo; when they eat bread. Itrsquo;s time to let go of this unfounded crazy thought and start thinking of bread as the delicious nutritious food that it is. As long as you donrsquo;t overdo it (as with anything), bread can be part of your healthy eating plan. Of course this does depend on the type of bread you buy.Here are a few tips to help you select a better loaf of bread.Aim for whole grains ndash; Donrsquo;t be deceived by bread packaging that claims to be ldquo;whole grainrdquo;, ldquo;multi-grainrdquo;, or ldquo;all-naturalrdquo;. Look past these front package claims and go straight to the ingredient list.

If it doesnrsquo;t contain 100% whole grain as the first ingredient, it probably only contains a small amount of whole grain mixed with mostly refined flour.Look for simple ingredients ndash; Flour, water, yeast, and salt are all thatrsquo;s really required to bake a loaf of bread, yet many brands have long lists of unwanted ingredients including artificial colors and preservatives, dough conditioners, and added sugar. Always read the ingredient list and look for a loaf that has just a few simple ingredients. One exception to this is a loaf of bread that contains several different types of whole grains and seeds. This will contribute to a longer list of ingredients.Check out your local bakery ndash; If you have a good bakery in your area, check out what they have to offer in the way of whole grain bread. Bakery bread usually doesnrsquo;t come with an ingredient list, so you will need to ask about that.

Typically, itrsquo;s a fairly short list of simple ingredients, however. One thing I learned about bakery bread is that the shelf-life is only 7 ndash; 8 days. I always ask to have it sliced and then I freeze it to avoid spoilage.I use a couple slices of Eco-friendly plastic lunch box Manufacturers bakery bread to make Avocado Toast ndash; topped the toasted bread with mashed avocado, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, and a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper.  The bakery bread is made with 100% whole grain flour, oats, and a few different seeds.  Itrsquo;s one of my favorite lunches ndash; or breakfasts. Depending on how hungry I am, I may add on an easy-over egg. Itrsquo;s a very satisfying and nutritious meal. Try it out for yourself. There are many creative and delicious ways to make Avocado Toast.


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