Son of Fengshen

Son of FengshenSon of FengshenSon of FengshenSon of Fengshen


At this time, Pink Baby's spell has been read, although the Fire Mage PK is really not very good, but there is no doubt that the damage of this profession is absolutely strong! Three fireballs as big as footballs shot out a straight line and exploded in the face of the elephant king one after another. After three violent explosions, the blood volume of the elephant king dropped by more than 1000. The elephant king howled on his back again, and there was a brief pause in his attack. Yawen, who had been wandering around, saw the opportunity and launched the thief's piercing skill, stabbing the dagger into the elephant's right eye! Suddenly blood and tears splashed everywhere, and Yawen's white leather frame was dyed with a layer of bright red. At this time pink baby fire rain has been completed, countless red drops of water fell from the sky, hit the back of the elephant king, immediately its fur was lit fire, the sea breeze and Yawen at the same time smelled a smell of meat. The elephant king is bearing the test of hell at this time, at this time it has completely lost its original appearance, the flames surround it, the sea breeze can only see the faint shadow inside, vaguely can recognize the strong figure of the elephant king 10 minutes ago.. Then it was not so easy to fight. Although water could put out the fire, it also needed enough water. After the water element gave the elephant king a few heavy punches, the flame on the elephant king evaporated into steam. The sea breeze and Yawen took the elephant king in circles in the rain of fire. Finally, the elephant king gave out the last long hiss in his mouth,artificial banyan trees, and his huge body collapsed. No one died in the whole killing process, which took only 30 minutes in the game. After killing BOSS, the system message was not sent out, and finally there was no need to worry about being chased by the players who heard the news. It is said that the elephant is a treasure, and the elephant king is even more so. The elephant king's tooth, the task item of pink baby, fauvism idol and sea breeze,outdoor palm trees, fell out. Unfortunately, after killing the elephant king, no hidden task was opened, but looking at the equipment on the ground, no one was unhappy. As Haifeng and Yawen entered the team of Fauvism idols, the captain of Fauvism idols quickly picked up the equipment, laughed, and immediately sat on the ground to divide the equipment. Find a safe place to distribute equipment, there is plenty of time! Sea breeze reminds a way, "the heart that guards against a person is indispensable, in case there is the word of thief all round how to do?" The pink baby rolled his eyes, quickly recited the spell, and cast a rain of fire around him. The red drops of water poured down, blackening all the grass and trees around him. It was really easy for the fire mage to destroy the environment. As a result, the sea breeze was right, artificial coconut palm trees ,silk cherry blossom tree, and the fire rain of the pink baby really smashed out three sneaky people six meters away! This is surprising, these three people all have the impression of the sea breeze, one is wearing underwear, one is wearing underwear upside down, the other only recognizes the face of the guy seems to be the light of creation that can make teammates invisible strange hidden professional guy. Sneaky guys, they must want to take advantage of the chaos and kill you! As soon as the pink baby finished speaking, he was about to start, but unfortunately he was pulled by the Fauvism idol. The people of the light of creation are coming soon, and you will not be arrogant for a long time! I remember you. Aren't you the idiot named Haifeng? Today the enemy's road is narrow. Grandpa will kill you! Enemies are particularly jealous when they meet, and wear underwear to abuse the sea breeze directly, dragging the two teams into the PK state at the same time. But it doesn't matter if the sea breeze starts first, anyway, it's useless to kill, not the person we scold first! Without saying a word, the pink baby threw the fire rain out. The Fauvism idol summoned the water element to protect the pink baby and himself. With the rear blood and fire support, the sea breeze and Yawen rushed up as a matter of course. The thirty-second chapter of the main text [rob the monster! Revenge (Updated: 2006-8-8 19:47:00 Words in this chapter: 2355) "What a bore!" Sea breeze one sword picks the head that wears outside next underwear, angry way, "obviously every time is you provoke me first, still have the nerve to be so cheap!" Three against four, the sea breeze and a suffocating ripple of water passed by, and the poor hidden professional once again suffered severe pain and enjoyed a full five-minute trip to hell, which the other two men, of course, handled easily. "The people of the Light of Creation are really arrogant!" Fauvism idol sighed, "This game is aimed at the whole country. It's useless to be arrogant. It's not good to be too arrogant!" The sea breeze nodded with the same feeling, but said disapprovingly: "The charm of the equipment can not be underestimated. The worse the equipment is, the more you want the equipment. Of course, you are jealous when you see the four of us killing BOSS. Hurry to find a safe place. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the sun to bring people at 8 o'clock in the morning." The Fauvism idol took the sea breeze by the neck and said with a smile, "The sun at 8 o'clock in the morning. I heard that this guy is the second young master of the boss of a company. He is very handsome, but unfortunately he is a waste!" Talking and laughing, the four of them came to a cave and sat together on the ground. The Fauvism idol generously took out all the things in the space and said with a smile, "All the things are here. If you two trust me, let me divide them!" The sea breeze smiled and nodded gently. After more than ten minutes of distribution, several people were given equipment, and the sea breeze was given a lucky one-handed sword. Qingxue Sword, attack 40-95, lucky + 4, 10% chance to suck blood, Haifeng generously replaced the Red Lotus Sword, looking at the snow-white sword in his hand, Haifeng nodded with satisfaction. Yawen got an exquisite belt with a storage space of up to 300 squares. You should know that the belt space in the elemental world determines the player's sustainable combat ability. The more things you bring, the longer you play! And the items in the space, regardless of their weight, occupy only one space. The Fauvism idol got a water + 4 staff, while the pink baby changed into a new red robe. What makes the sea breeze more concerned is that the attributes of this robe actually have the attribute of water resistance + 3! Sea Breeze asked,fake blossom tree, could it be that the higher the water resistance, the smaller the damage caused by the water attack? The sea breeze secretly wrote down this noteworthy attribute, and we must study it when we are free.


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