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Cover the skyCover the skyCover the skyCover the skyCover the skyCover the skyCover the sky


Every mouth of the dragon is spitting out the essence, the immortal gas is dense, transpiring and rising, condensing in the valley, which is indescribably mysterious. Ye Fan froze, at first thought it was a man-made dragon head, uncanny workmanship, but after a closer look, he was shocked, this is the force of nature formed. Tens of thousands of peaks, nourished by the life essence of one ancient star after another, have been channeled into the treasures of the world and have the independent will of the gods! It can be said that tens of thousands of peaks are the natural transformation of heaven and earth, all of them are dragon heads, which are the result of the joint efforts of many ancient stars from ancient times to the present. There are tens of thousands of dragon bodies under the earth vein, only the dragon head is high on the earth surface, spitting out all kinds of essence of heaven and earth, nourishing the immortal truth of the immortal land. Unimaginable! Ye Fan exclaimed, this kind of terrain is really absolutely, even if in the future does not breed the hope of becoming immortal, these tens of thousands of real dragons also have to revive, all have the spirit of God. This is the hope of many ancient stars after they are exhausted. Once these dragon heads are resurrected, it will be a magnificent scene of ten thousand dragons soaring into the air. They spit out the essence together, so as to complete other things and turn them into a land of immortals, which is really a means of going against heaven. Ye Fan soliloquized, and then the spirit shivered. This method seemed to surpass the source of Tianshi, and the understanding of the terrain was even better. These dragon heads are absolutely cultivated by nature. What kind of characters can do all this? He thought a lot in a moment. A million years ago, there was only one great power that had this kind of power, and that was Heaven! The inheritance of yuantianshi is very mysterious. I don't know the beginning. Can it be said that it can be traced back to the more ancient times? Ye Fan thought of a possibility that if the ninety-nine dragon mountains were controlled by heaven,outdoor ficus tree, one after another ancient stars of life would come, then who on earth provided them with this method. Could it be said that the ancient heavenly court has an existence that transcends the source of the heavenly teacher, and provides them with this kind of imagination for [Baidu's quick update to share with you], so that there is this process of pregnancy that runs through millions of years? Ye Fan was startled by himself, thinking divergent, jumping xxìng association, suddenly thought of a lot. Later, when the emperor of heaven died, the gods of all realms would be in chaos, and all this naturally ran aground,artificial plant wall panels, or there was a big problem. Is the Feathered God Dynasty a remnant of the heavenly court in those days? The next moment, Ye Fan thought of yuan Tianshi's old age, and recalled the scene of tens of thousands of soldiers borrowing the way, so to say, is it also related to the ancient heaven? "This is the land of pregnant immortals. I have succeeded in coming here. I have gone farther than Rong Chengshi. If I retreat here, I am really unwilling." Ye Fan's eyes are shining. He stared at tens of thousands of dragon-headed peaks, huge dragons circling, soaring and circling, and tens of millions of dragons holding their heads high and neighing, all of which were transformed by dragon spirit. In the central fairy valley, there is a vast expanse, spraying thin auspicious gas, hundreds of millions of rays of all kinds of rays, and the fairy light shoots out one by one. What the hell is that? Ye Fan is eager to see Chapter one thousand and six of the main text. Dragon horse mouth spit out two dragon-like white gas, it is in awe of this place, dare not run wild, rare calm down, not competing with Ye Fan. Ye Fan in this place around, dare not act rashly, tens of thousands of dragon head peak step by step, faux ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, he did not have the last corner of the terrain map, can not enter. Komatsu murmured, almost unable to move, it saw a lot of old medicine in front of the immortal land, bright, bright, fragrant. Long years, how many people can go deep into this place, long nourished by dragon gas and fairy light, this place has long been channeled, and every herb produced is invaluable. Tens of thousands of mountain peaks are all in the shape of dragon heads. [Zhe Tian Renewal Group provides you with fast hand play] They are lifelike, and dragons deter people. They are all born from nature, which can be called uncanny workmanship. Each dragon head peak has a treasure medicine, like coral and pearls carved, brilliant, not to mention Komatsu, even Longma eyes are a little straight, swallowed a mouthful of saliva. These tens of thousands of dragon-headed peaks are all treasures, and the mountains can be used as divine materials for the sacrifice of weapons, not to mention the medicines that grow. Brother Ye could not help but sigh, exhausted many ancient stars of life, the birth of such a pregnant fairy land, it is really a special creation of heaven and earth, people are shocked. In this area, he has seen dozens of hundreds of plum medicine king, surrounded by immortal gas, the whole body of the precious light shining, attractive God H hún. The king of medicine is very difficult to cultivate. It needs to be continuously irrigated with the spirit of the earth and grow for more than 80,000 years before it can be called the king of medicine. Who has waited so long? As long as ten thousand years, even the ancient emperor's life span has already come to an end, and it is extremely difficult to cultivate. Only in such a place can we absorb the essence of life of the whole ancient star and give birth to many plants after a long period of time. Ye Fan carefully observed, this and the terrain pattern is too extraordinary, there is no justice, he visited with the highest source, it is difficult to find a trace of human intervention. However, he had a premonition of harmony, an instinctive intuition from the source of the heavenly teacher, even if this place is extraordinary, but it can not reach this point. Vaguely, he felt that someone had nurtured all this by means of going against the sky at that time. After the erosion and baptism of the long river of time, it finally turned into nature for millions of years, which was no different from the natural one. He was looking for a weakness, and there was no way to get in without the ninth corner map, but he was very unwilling and wanted to crack it through his own source God. Komatsu carrying a small medicine basket, step by step looking back, around the Dragon Mountain, absent-minded, the little guy wanted to jump into the happy lighting ancient medicine immediately. The dragon horse also spits out the dragon gas between the mouth and nose, temporarily does not "haggle with Ye Fan." A pair of dragon eyes wide open, flashing non-stop, in the silent measurement, to see if they can make some "forage" with great magical power. When he went around to the other side, Ye Fan was stunned, and he saw another "miracle." There is a small star field not far ahead, which is dazzling. This miracle is not in front of the Dragon Head Peak, but in this safe area, a huge rock with dozens of fist-sized stars embedded in it, giving birth to a soft glow. Ye Fan believed that this was a real star, which had been refined and reduced, because he sensed the breath of one and majesty, and the pressure would suffocate people. What kind of anti-heaven means is this? His heart hair,fake ficus tree, dozens of stars dotted here, to protect the rocks, people can only be frightened and gasp.


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