When the Old Ox Overlords the Tender Grass

When the Old Ox Overlords the Tender GrassWhen the Old Ox Overlords the Tender Grass


Walking to a quiet place, I looked across the road. Under the dim street lamp, there was a bench. Seven years ago, under the street lamp, the teenager who claimed to be holding a big dream did not hesitate to shake off the girl's hand and walk without looking back. It seems that all vows are bubbles, bursting under the scorching sun of reality. Yue. I came back from the memory. "Hmm?" "Do you remember anything when you look at the opposite side in a daze?" "It's just some past events. It seems that I'm old enough to be immersed in memories." "It's only twenty-five. Don't say you're very old!" The little disciple frowned at me. I pinched his face. "Don't be so old-fashioned and destroy all the pink and tender feelings." The little disciple suddenly looked at me very seriously. I was a little confused. "What's wrong?" Then, I was kissed again by Ya, although not like the last time is a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, but my teeth are so painful! "How about being my girlfriend?" I looked at him in surprise, if I heard right, this should be a confession, right? It should be, right? Although I doubt it.. "Good disciple, are you confessing your love?" "I am very serious!" He looked at me very seriously, very seriously, and I wanted to laugh, and then I laughed. Do you think I'm funny? I laughed so hard that I didn't have the strength to talk to him, so I covered my stomach and squatted on the ground. At the end of my laughter, tears came out. The little disciple stood in front of me all the time, and I could see his toes. Finally he turned around and I said, "Have you ever thought that I am five years older than you,interactive whiteboard for schools, and you can't just say you don't care?" "So, what do you want from us so far?" Holding the wall, I stood up, turned the little disciple's body, and approached him (unfortunately, I only reached his chin, and the threat was not enough)? In your opinion? "What are you after all?" (When writing this chapter.. The mood that had been brewing was completely destroyed by a snake. "The gap between us is not just about age. For me, this age is close to the point where a man who can be seen can talk about marriage,smartboards in classrooms, while you are still young and have a lot of time to waste. Have you really thought about it?" Is it really so terrible to be twenty-five? Xiao Yue, you are really completely brainwashed by Professor Lin! The little disciple was stunned. I let go of his clothes and stepped back. Maybe it would end well. Turn around and always say that I can't afford to put it down. Many times, when others are serious, they don't allow themselves to escape, but they can't learn how to deal with problems cleanly. Do you know why I went to play Emei? Because.. Before I played Emei, Yijian Piaoxue was forced to marry by a child in the gang. Maybe it was just that the girl said she liked me in the name of willfulness. Xiao Shi and Ruthless and a group of people all said they would tie me up in the bridal chamber, but I refused on the world channel. Then in order to show my so-called anger, I said I would not be on Yijian Piaoxue for at least three months. "Then I practiced Emei, a person's Jianghu, I think, is very lonely, especially for people like me who are used to being in the crowd, so I joined Chu Feng, but perhaps because of the relationship between the female number, smartboard for business ,smart board whiteboard, and because of the relationship between playing violent doctors, I am still a person." "Pick up you, so that later said to be together, are not love, can only be said to like, like to have such a person in their own side, but." What I didn't expect was that you were serious. "Delete the number, such an ending, I can not accept, because you are serious, so I have to face seriously, I can not go against my own mind, knowing that you are in such a situation, pretend not to know." "So, even if you let me practice the number again, you choose to let me practice the image of Emei No.7 that I can't choose." Have you been lying to me all the time? "Do you think so?" He bowed his head in silence and spoke when I thought he was in love with the tip of his shoe. I don't believe it. ” "You didn't lie to me, did you?" He raised his face to look at me, his smiling eyes narrowed, and he could not see his expression. Idiot "Say, I guess your first kiss anyway," I leaned over to hook down the little apprentice's neck, "sent to me here." And then kiss him, well, anyway, my kissing skills are many times better than the little apprentice. The little disciple took advantage of the situation to embrace me, and the bracelet was on my waist, which made me feel a little itchy. His head buried in my shoulder, "I like you, I know very well that I am only a college student now, I also know that I will graduate at least five years later, but I will work hard to make myself worthy of you, can you give me a chance?" Give him a chance? I looked over his shoulder at the dark sky. Three years "I'll give you three years, and after three years, if you don't like me, then I'll listen to my mother and find someone to marry." Okay, I admit I relented. Maybe it's not just a soft heart. For Zhuo Li, love will gradually turn into love. Okay, I'll try harder. I touched the forehead, clearly intended to take advantage of this opportunity to make things clear, but how did it become like this? "Well, it's so late. Go back to school first." I pushed the little apprentice away. "I should go back, too." "I'll take you home." I patted the little apprentice on the shoulder feebly, "You go back to school!"! I'll call a taxi and go back myself. Come on, labor and capital have been out of the Lolita era, who is interested in falling in love and holding hands to send home or something, X and my family can be half away from the city, a waste of time and money! Hey. "Gone!" I looked at the little apprentice who was in a daze. I was powerless to go first. It was better to take a taxi to the gate of X. There was no car passing by this place for half a day. The little disciple took a few steps to catch up with me and then took my hand. His hand was warm and dry,interactive digital whiteboard, unlike mine, which was cold both in summer and winter. He held my hand tightly and trembled a little, so I held his hand back quietly. hsdsmartboard.com


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