King of pink knives

King of pink knivesKing of pink knivesKing of pink knivesKing of pink knives


Ji Baozhu laughed and said, "If I'm not sure, I won't say such big words.". Over the years, I have sent Hengjiang to swarm around, gathering wealth, and inviting people in the name of the Hundred Flowers Palace. In the twenty-four sub-palaces, there are many masters and people with extraordinary skills, as many as the sands of the Ganges River. One sub-palace is more than equal to the strength of a big school. Who can compare with the twenty-four sub-palaces? Nangong Jun smiled and said, "There are only twenty-two places left. I've already pulled out your two sub-palaces." Ji Baozhu snorted, "I sent you to pick out the first place. I didn't want to expose my strength at that time. As for the sub-palace by Mochou Lake, I also gave in to you, because I knew you had summoned all the people from the Nangong family. I didn't have to go against you alone." "You will fight alone," said Nangong Jun with a smile. "What do you say, Master?" Asked Ji Baozhu. After a little meditation, Jin Hui looked at Chang Chunzi and said, "Elder brother, I'm just waiting for a word from you." Chang Chunzi had already wrapped up his broken foot. He leaned on a newly cut wooden crutch and said, "Brother,temperature scanning kiosks, why are you asking me? This is your own business." Jin Hui said, "But my brother's movements are decided by you." Chang Chunzi said, "How could it be decided because of me? All the people I control were trained by you before they were given to me. They are also under your control. So there is no need to ask me about this at all!" Jin Hui said with a wry smile, "Elder brother, you haven't understood what I mean yet. I'm not asking about the manpower. Baozhu said that her strength seems to be invincible in the world, but she hasn't included another force,digital signage screen, that is, all the manpower of the three factories. They have not only recruited the masters of various schools, but also many masters with profound attainments. It adds up to a considerable amount." "These people won't be in charge of the affairs of Jianghu," said Chang Chunzi. "I'm afraid they won't stand by this time," said Bo Hui, "because Szeto Huang has already felt his threat and won't allow us to expand. That's why Weng Changjian had that attitude just now!" "It's just a show here," said Changchunzi. "In the capital, they don't dare to move for a while. All the royal mansions and palace gardens in the capital are my best friends. Those people can all take care of him." "Old Taoist," said Weng Chang-chien with a sneer, "you're quite sure of what you're saying." Chang Chunzi said proudly, "I have absolute confidence in this. I was given the title of national teacher, but not by opening my mouth. I am a disciple of the Duke, general and minister, facial recognization camera ,outdoor digital signage displays, and a concubine. They all respect me very much." Weng Chang-chien said, "They are just confused by your sorcery and want to learn from you the art of longevity." Chang Chunzi said, "I really have this skill. That's not a lie.". ” "You're still dreaming," said Weng Chang-chien. "If I don't give you some proof, you won't know whether you're alive or dead. I'll tell you to wake up." He took out a small roll of paper, unfolded it and read: The sorcerer Chang Chunzi used sorcery to bewitch the palace gate and plot against the law. The ministers and royal clansmen in the capital were confused by him. I didn't notice it first, so I was confused by him and named him the national teacher. Now the imperial censor Yang Xiaolong and the Royal Guards ordered Szeto Huang to clean up the evidence. He began to understand his treachery and immediately deprived him of the title of the national teacher. He also ordered the relevant people in his department to kill the sorcerer with all their strength and Qin this! "What is this?" Asked Chang Chunzi. "This is a secret decree issued by the emperor himself," said Weng Chang-chien. "This is only a copy of the imperial residence. This secret decree has already spread all over the country. It has been written to all the governors and governors, and they have begun to copy your lairs in all parts of the country." "Nonsense," said Chang Chunzi. "Who dares to do that?" Weng Chang-chien said with a smile, "You'll soon know whether you dare or not. Whether it's the Hundred Flowers Palace or the Hundred Treasures Studio, the day you arrive, a large army will go to suppress you. You're sure to collapse!" These words made Jin Hui's face change color and said, "This is clearly a plot that you are afraid of my brother's influence and deliberately framed!" Weng Changjian said with a smile, "Jin Hui, you can't blame us for this. It's because you don't have any good intentions. You want to control the whole spy organization. In order to protect ourselves, we naturally have to fight back. Besides, the word" Demon Sect "is doomed to be a heretical way and can't achieve positive results!" Ji Baozhu turned pale and said, "Jin Hui, look at the good things you've done. You've dragged me into it. I've been with you forever. I told you not to go into the palace, but you didn't listen. That's great!" Jin Hui said with a wry smile, "If you don't get into the palace, you won't be able to build your Hundred Flowers Palace safely and steadily. If it weren't for the support of the inner factory, the officials would have closed down your place long ago." "Why seal up my place?" Asked Ji Baozhu. "I didn't break the law." Jin Hui just sneered and said, "Baozhu, will the spy of the official family still reason with you?"? Besides, the place where you are seized is not wronged, and you know what you are doing in your sub-palace. Ji Baozhu stared and said, "What are you doing?" "Men are thieves and women are prostitutes," said Jin Hui. "They do everything. They should have been closed down. I was wronged! Baibaozhai is just doing business properly! Ji Baozhu said with a sneer, "The rules are nothing. How did you get your jewelry? Half of them are black and eat black. They rob Jianghu people in the underworld of the Greenwood. They even bite back, saying that they were killed because they coveted the jewelry of Baibaozhai!" Jin Hui said with a smile, "Baibaozhai is the largest jewelry store in the country. It is only attacked by thieves. Besides, we will rob thieves. Isn't that a joke?" Ji Baozhu said, "It's because everyone thought it was a joke that you were able to make trouble secretly without being known. The other half of the jewelry was snatched by my Hengjiang. After you changed your appearance, you sold it again. You have the nerve to say that you are well-behaved.." "Ji Baoyu frowned and said with a wry smile," Look at you, you're digging each other's dirty ditches. Apart from the fact that the more you dig, the worse it gets, what can you do for it? " "We're not like you,smart whiteboard price," said Ji Baozhu. "Pink King Kong specializes in chivalry. He's already made a name for himself. He's a good man. Humph!"! A prude! "Baozhu," said Ji Baoyu angrily, "you've become a mad dog. You bite everyone you see!" 。


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