Brutal Wang Ye Chases Away Wife

Brutal Wang Ye Chases Away WifeBrutal Wang Ye Chases Away WifeBrutal Wang Ye Chases Away Wife


He told me you were pregnant with Lin's child. Let me ask myself if my heart really wants to die before I shoot! More importantly, he said that the woman in the dream had been pregnant with a child! And she accidentally let the child lose the chance to be born, has been immersed in deep pain of self-reproach and regret. She didn't dream about the child, but she believed it! Because the child in the story chose not to do it at the critical moment! Even at that time, she already knew that as long as she didn't kill him, it was Uncle Wei! So you didn't kill Nangonglin for my child! Li Xiaoqian was suddenly enlightened and said thank you! I will make him be filial to his aunt in the future-oh! Realizing that the words she blurted out might irritate the other party, she immediately pulled the woman's arm apologetically! I really want you to be with brother Jun! Li Xiaoqian opened his mouth again when he found that tears were not as angry as he had imagined. When I wanted to abort my child, my brother Jun once said that it was a precious happiness to be able to keep his beloved! There are no words for the sorrow and pain of searching for the heart of a lover for two lifetimes and still not getting it. I didn't quite understand what he said, but I knew he was talking about you! Pursue two lifetimes? She can understand his words! From that story to the present, the world may be counted as two lifetimes! If the story is true, then his intention to stop her from killing the German drug Lord was to prevent her from falling into the world of the story! With my understanding of Lin, he will give you happiness! Now that you have a child, you should cherish it! She shifted the topic to Nangong Lin. The man of the child said that the'she 'in the story was also annoyed that he had let the child lose the qualification to come into the world! You say that, too? Li Xiaoqian looked at the woman beside him gloomily, and you said the same as brother Jun! Tears Suddenly there was a common cry of two men behind him, and the anxious figure rushed to a drop of tears. I have a clue about your life experience, and I will immediately send someone to investigate your father! Dongmen Jun said breathlessly with an excited smile. Father? The woman was shocked. Who is her father? Why all of a sudden Nangong Lin was another kind of excitement, his eyes were moist and red, and he suddenly hugged her! You Li Xiaoqian just wanted to pull them apart, but they were hugged by Dongmen Jun. What's wrong? Why does her future husband want to hug her future sister-in-law! What does that look like? Lin, what's wrong with you? Apparently unaccustomed to the touch of others, the woman pushed the excited man away. This should be Mom. She looks like you! Her name is Zijing, and she is the woman loved by my father Nangong Qinglie and Wei Shu! Nangong Lin took out a yellowed photo and handed it to the woman. Before Uncle Wei killed my father, temperature check kiosk , he had this woman's daughter kidnapped. She was five years old at that time. Her name was Leng Silie! Aware of Nangong Lin's mood, Dongmen Jun added that Zijing had married a wealthy businessman named Leng in order not to affect their brother's feelings. At that time, the reason why Wei Wude was so cruel was that he discovered a secret that the child of Purple Mirror was the daughter of Nangong Qinglie! And she still loves Nangong Qinglie in her heart! Leng Silie? The woman repeated the name and she had no impression at all! I don't understand what you're saying! Her mother, the father who loved Lin? Her mother is also Uncle Wei's lover? In the yellowing photo, there is a cold woman with an expressionless face, which is nine points similar to her! No wonder Uncle Wei always looks at her in a complicated way! Mom was also killed in the fire! Because the child was tied up, my mother asked my father, your biological father, to discuss ways to rescue him, so she fell into the trap of Wei Wude and died together in the man-made fire! So-tears, you are my sister! Nangong Lin excitedly held the woman in his arms again. Wei Wude knows all this but arranges you to kill your own brother! He is so hateful! Li Xiaoqian said angrily. Eyes are fixed on the two men and women embracing each other. Hey, why did you hold it for so long? Silly girl, doesn't brother Jun often hug you? Noticing Li Xiaoqian's sad eyes, Dongmen Jun touched her hair, but to be honest, I feel bad in my heart! Nangong Lin, let go of my woman! Men take the initiative to come forward and pull them away, they will be overbearing women to encircle my elite door and sister are given to you in vain, you still hug my woman! Dongmen Junmei is my sister! Nangong Lin retorted. He never thought he had a relative! It's still right in front of us! Hug your sister when you are excited and excited. What's wrong? I don't care! Tears are mine! It's mine alone! Men are funnier than women when they are narrow-minded! Li Xiaoqian saw Dongmen Jun's appearance and immediately smiled so hard that he couldn't close his mouth! So what are you saying about my father? Her heart beat so fast that she almost did something to her brother! Fortunately, Dongmen Jun's words prevented the tragedy from happening! She broke away from the man's arms, and there was a flash of embarrassment in her eyes, since my father was dead, you said yes. Find your foster father! He seems to have been looking for you for years! The witness said that he had poured a lot of money into finding you. Foster father? Elder brother? She even has family! You can get the love of your relatives like a normal person! Her eyes were hot, and a warm liquid ran down her cheeks. She didn't know how to accept the news! Tears or should I call you Silie? Dongmen Jun reached out to wipe away the tears on the woman's face, and the two people behind him were secretly retreating to make room for them. I'm still used to calling you tears. I've known you for more than four years, and I seldom see you cry. Don't worry, I will help you find the adoptive father whose surname is Leng! I didn't expect to get the right surname when I named you! No, no, yes! My surname should be Nangong. The woman stopped her tears and looked up at the man.


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