Mi Xian LuMi Xian Lu

Mi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian Lu


"Sure enough, it's a big deal. Although these swords are ordinary in the spirit world, they are all top-notch in this world, especially the swords refined by the Fairy Banyan. Tut, they are really awesome. Your refining means are very superb. I'm afraid it's not taught by the old man's soul!" The old man pinched the formula with both hands and kept pointing out the blue light to the Seven Wood Spirit Sword. At the same time, he watched closely the seven swords offered by Zhao. Bah, you are my soul! An angry curse came from Zhao's sleeve. Zhao did not pay attention to these, he is also muttering in his mouth at the same time, his hands are constantly changing, pinching out a complex formula, all into the seven flying swords in front of him. These seven flying swords have different changes under the sacrifice of Zhao Di. The Dream Glass Sword was divided into three, three and nine, and finally turned into ninety-nine and eighty-one purple sword shadows. The Thunder Sword thundered and turned into a blue electric python. It opened its teeth to spit out letters, and the electric arc came out of its mouth, crackling constantly; The transparent Cold Ice Sword emits a layer of white cold, which wraps the body of the sword and is almost imperceptible. The Jade Sword turns into a fire, baring its teeth and claws; After a flash of blue light, the purple-blue crystal sword turns into numerous water arrows, each of which emits glittering and dazzling light. The star sand sword turns into a huge sword. On the thick body, there are little yellow lights flashing everywhere, like countless stars in the night sky, which makes people feel vast and vast at a glance; And the most powerful,Pietra Gray Marble, is that the fan fairy banyan spirit wood refined fan fairy sword, unexpectedly in an instant into dozens of identical blue wooden sword, people simply can not identify the true and false, in fact, the body of the fan fairy sword can be freely switched under the manipulation of Zhao, it can be said that each green sword can be fan fairy sword body, can also not be, it is impossible to guard against! Seeing the momentum of the seven swords,White Marble Slabs, the Qingpao old man felt a little weak in his heart. He was not absolutely sure that he could complete the spell and arrange the seven-wood sword array under the entanglement of the seven swords. Unable to arrange the sword array, his seven Lingmu swords are naturally no match for the seven swords of the other side! With a cold hum, he did not hesitate to offer up his killer's mace. As soon as the white clouds flashed, he had a shining ancient mirror in his hand. Then he immediately suspended the sacrifice of the Seven Wood Sword Array and poured a lot of spiritual power into the palm-sized ancient mirror in his hand. On the surface of the ancient mirror, a thick layer of blue brilliance gradually flows out, and a faint blue light appears. Suddenly, a blue light shot out of the mirror, shining on the fire Jiao made by Yan Yu Jian. Huo Jiao was in a daze and then turned into a red sword, floating quietly in the blue light. Lingbao Void Mirror is one of the ten ancient artifacts! Zhao immediately recognized the object and confirmed that it was a real artifact, not an imitation. This is an artifact that is rumored to be able to fix the void. Any magic weapon or secret art will be stupefied, unable to move or forcibly suspended by the blue light of this mirror! Zhao hurriedly hid his left hand in his sleeve, gently rubbed the black iron ring, and a mini golden pagoda of the size of an inch flew out. Senior, quickly hide in the Tower of Babel, if defeated, grey marble slab ,pietra gray marble, the younger generation can escape with the help of the law array without being sensed by this person! The sixth volume of the city in the sky chapter 423 means together. Hearing the urgency in Zhao's words, Hun yuanzi also knew that Lingbao-level artifacts were not easy to deal with, and without hesitation, with the help of Zhao, he got into the Tower of Babel. Although Zhao has two or three good Lingbao-level treasures in his hands, they are all magic weapons, unable to exert their greatest power, and it is difficult to become the opponent of this void mirror! "Be careful. If you lose, you don't have to force it. You'll have a good chance in the future!" Before entering the Babel Tower, Hun yuanzi earnestly told him that he was also worried about Zhao. Just then, the old man continued to manipulate the void mirror, shooting out more than a dozen blue lights, hitting many flying swords. Zhao tried to manipulate these swords to attack the other side, while avoiding the blue light, but obviously, once his sword attacked the other side, it became extremely difficult to avoid the blue light of the void mirror. Moments later, two or three flying swords were fixed by the blue light and turned into their original shapes. Not only that, the void mirror is shot out several blue light, directly to Zhao, Zhao hurriedly ordered the ice wind Jiao perform wind escape, after a flash, to avoid the blue light at the same time, flash out hundreds of feet away. The closer you are to the old man, the more likely you are to be hit by the blue light, so it is absolutely impossible to attack the old man at close range. As a result, some of the sneak attacks prepared by Zhao failed, such as the sudden appearance of the old man with the help of wind escape and the sacrifice of the Golden Light Magic Power of Hun yuan Zhen Huo, which had a high success rate. But in front of the empty mirror of uncertainty, it is tantamount to asking for death! "Why, what's the matter? He has no feeling!" The old man's expression suddenly changed, his eyes shrank, and he said to himself in surprise. He had been watching his surroundings closely, and it was absolutely impossible that "the man" had run away. Could it be that you have any independent space treasure that can shield the induction between that person and the old man by the space ban? The old man's mind turned sharply and he immediately guessed the truth. He immediately snorted, "Hum, you actually have this kind of treasure. How can you refine a magic weapon of independent space in this world? It must be from the spirit world again!" The old man gave another dry laugh: "Hey, you put him in the treasure of independent space and cut off the connection with the old man. Are you trying to escape?" Zhao turned up the corners of his mouth and said with a sneer, "No, without his presence, I have more means!" With these words, Zhao's sleeve robe shook, and a flash of inspiration flew out one after another, falling in front of him, but it was a human-shaped puppet with the strength of the period of Jiedan, a total of ten. In addition, the two Fen Shen of the popular and the thunder spirit also floated out separately, each holding a two-foot-sized transparent ice dragon and a blue electric-shaped staff, which are the ice staff and the thunderstorm staff! In front of Zhao Di,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, there flashed a red light several feet long and in the shape of a mini dragon, which was taken into Zhao Di's hand and turned into a blood-red sword, which was the sword of killing God. forustone.com


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