First Pharmacist

First PharmacistFirst PharmacistFirst PharmacistFirst PharmacistFirst PharmacistFirst PharmacistFirst Pharmacist


"Girl, this, you see I have this family property, you let me go!" Sun Shiyi looked at her pitifully. Ye Lanlan was not moved: "I don't want a 40% discount. As long as you have this worthless medicine, you say I haven't let you go yet. How can I let you go?" Seeing that there was no hope of persuading her, Sun Shiyi had to take twenty groups of medicine to her with a painful face, and then sent her out through the back door of the pharmacy. Out of the pharmacy, Ye Lanlan suddenly heard the prompt tone of the system. System: Player Dian Dian Lan, you have received the task of pharmacist Sun Shiyi to collect ten taro seeds and ten grass plants. You are not allowed to leave the novice village before the task is completed. The task reward is 20 groups of primary hemostatic drugs and 20 groups of primary return to blue drugs. At 10 points, you can enjoy a 30% discount on shopping in the shop of pharmacist Sun Shiyi. If the task cannot be completed within 48 hours, the level will be deducted by two levels and the reputation will be reduced by 100 points. Damn it! Ye Lanlan was so angry that she wanted to scold her mother. She reached out her hand and knocked on the back door of the pharmacy. The back door of the pharmacy did not move! The old man has already calculated it! 007 Make a small profit She is now only 35% of the experience on level 10, 10 before the death will not lose experience, that is to say, even if she slowly climb like a snail tonight can reach level 10, but because of this damn task, even to level 10 she can not get out of the novice village, think of here Ye Lanlan was so angry that she wanted to bite. Really should not covet NPC cheap, Ye Lanlan regret, but also no way, she mercilessly kicked the door a few times to vent the anger in the heart, turned around and walked feebly outside the village. As soon as she turned out of the alley,Carrara Marble Slab, she saw several people chattering around the door of the pharmacy. Are these people looking for her? Ye Lanlan instinctively wanted to hide, but then she was relieved, what to hide, these guys do not know her. She walked over in an open and aboveboard manner and approached a girl with a weak appearance and an angry look on her face. She was puzzled and asked, "Girl, why don't you upgrade? What are you doing here?" The girl looked up suspiciously at Ye Lanlan and said unhappily, "Of course we want to upgrade, but there is no medicine. The pharmacist didn't open the door. We are so angry. We have been waiting here since noon today,Grey Marble Slab, but he hasn't opened the door!"! Oh, it's really unlucky to be assigned to such a novice village and meet such a perverted NPC! ". Is very abnormal, no one is more deeply touched than her, Ye Lanlan heart has a nod of concern. "Yes, we have complained to the authorities, but there is no information yet," said a thin-looking teenager next to him. If it goes on like this, the upgrade pace of all the people in Yunlai Village will be slower than that of other novice villages. Hey, forget it, I can't be the first novice village anyway! Be that as it may, the boy still looked unhappy. Depend on, Sun 11 that old guy and deliberately fool her, these people are clearly directed at him, he actually brazenly said that someone outside is waiting for her. Ye Lanlan was full of unhappiness. She looked at the closed door, rolled her eyes, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and suddenly had an idea. Do you need a potion? I just bought more when I got off the line this morning, so I might as well sell it to you! Ye Lanlan's voice was not loud, but in this small world it was like a huge stone thrown into the calm lake and stirred up a thousand waves. A lot of people gather in front of her in succession: "Belle, you have potion, sell me, how many I want completely! How many I want completely!" "Beauty, sell it to me and I'll take it all!" Next to a person also squeezed past, but in the blink of an eye, Ye Lanlan was surrounded by these people in the middle. Don't worry, listen to me. I just bought all the money into medicine when I got off the line this morning. Xiaohong has more than one group, and blue medicine only has dozens of bottles. It certainly can't meet the needs of all the people in Yunlai Village, so the highest bidder gets it, and the quotation is in need! With that, she sat down on the stone steps next to her and waited quietly for these people to make up their minds. People who can get the game warehouse during the open beta period will not care about this money, but it has not yet opened the exchange of game currency and real currency, everyone's pocket is really not well off, and this is not well off for some time, so for Ye Lanlan's starting price, many people are silent. But myrrh means not Daguai, not out of the novice village, which is a kind of suffering for all people, sooner or later someone will not be able to hold back. Sure enough, before long, a burly man stood out and said, "Beauty, I want all your medicine. I'll give you 500 real coins!" " 500 bucks! She has 20 groups of red and blue medicines on her body. If she sells them all at this price, it will be almost 10000 yuan. God, she has worked hard for two months to earn so little money, and it depends on the face of her boss and customers. It seems that the money in the game is really easy to earn, but because of the daytime, Ye Lanlan never dared to reveal her realistic information at will. She raised her head and looked at the man with a smile and said: "This elder brother, you bought all the medicine by yourself. What did others buy?"? Everybody is to want to upgrade, such, I also do not black everybody, a bottle of primary hemostatic medicine sells 5 coppers in drugstore, I sell 6, primary return blue medicine drugstore sells 4 coppers, I sell 5 coppers, many a copper calculates my running errands cost, how does everybody feel? She's going to do business in the future. If she kills others once, who will come to patronize her in the future? Originally thought that the girl would come to a lion's mouth, did not expect her to be so gentle, the people present immediately reacted, took out the money and handed it to her: "I want 50 bottles of Xiaohong!" "I want 30 bottles of Little Red!" "I want 100 bottles of Little Red!" …… "How much red medicine do you have? I'll take it all, seven coppers each!" The blood-stained man who received the news rushed to the door of the pharmacy at the first time and said loudly. These people are really rich! When Ye Lanlan heard the quotation, her eyes almost narrowed into a line with laughter. No, the medicine will be worthless if you keep it. You have to find a way to sell it. Hey,Granite Slab Supplier, we came first, and you have to do things first come first come! "Yes, go to the back!" …… All the people pointed the finger directly at the blood-stained falling.


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