A windfall of 10 billion yuan

A windfall of 10 billion yuanA windfall of 10 billion yuanA windfall of 10 billion yuanA windfall of 10 billion yuan


When she was in college, she was 100 yuan from head to toe. Suddenly reborn back to seven years ago, Xu Rui looked at the bright and beautiful body, but also some are not used to. But this is not used to, when Xu Rui entered the school gate and returned to the familiar and unfamiliar class, he got used to it. Because Huaya Middle School is the most expensive private school in C city, the consumption level of students here is the same as that of Xu Rui, or even higher. Xu Rui remembers that in her last life, she transferred to another school after finishing her first year of high school here, because her inheritance was spent, her grandmother was tired and sick, and she could not afford tuition fees. In fact, it is reasonable to say that a person like her who relies entirely on her inheritance should not go to such an expensive school. But the school was contacted by her uncle, who felt that compared with the tuition fees of private schools in Hong Kong, Huaya could only be regarded as ordinary, and the inheritance could be fully affordable. The girl of the Zhu family can't go to a bad school. Unexpectedly, Xu Rui was so defeated that she couldn't even afford the "general" tuition fees. 128. Meet each other Dear, did you skip the order? I can only see it later. [Weibo-Jinjiang Jiangzigui] After school this day, Xu Rui and Xia Shiya went shopping, bought clothes and bags, and bought a birthday gift for He Jikai. In the previous life,Calacatta Quartz Slab, the fate between Xu Rui and the second generation of ancestors was very short. After all, before she finished her first year of high school, her family had an accident and had no money to pay tuition fees. Later, I transferred to a middle school near a hospital, which is located in the suburbs, and the bus to Huaya takes more than half an hour. Most of my friends went abroad in the third year of high school, and there was no intersection in their lives, so they gradually broke off contact. Xu Rui's friends,Agate Slabs Countertops, even though most of them are just playmates, also have real friends. For example, Xia Shiya and He Jikai all extended a helping hand when she was at the end of her tether. She was outgoing and extroverted, and she always liked to be lively, both in the past and now. Even if he later became a poor student on a work-study program, he was known by the whole college. Xu Rui said in her mouth that she would not go to the birthday party, but in fact, she was happy to pick out a gift for He Jikai. Although she has lived a hard life for seven years, she has grown up in a golden nest and a silver nest. She is used to good things and has a good eye. Another presbyopia series? Isn't that what you sent last year? Xia Shiya looked back and saw Xu Rui holding the man's wallet with cross-grain leather in her hand, and she could not help tutting. Xu Rui, after all, came back seven years later, where do you remember what he Jikai sent last year, "is it?" Xia Shiya gave her a white look. "Of course, have you forgotten?"? On his birthday last year, Marble Granite Price ,White Marble Mosaic, you had a fight about him stealing your mail or something. Xu Rui really had no impression at all. "What letter did you steal?" Xia Shiya frowned and thought, "I remember it was sent from abroad." Hey, don't think about it. Didn't you argue with him long ago? He's just an idiot. He doesn't use his brain to do things. He just wants to do it. Xu Rui is happy, also not too tangled, changed a style of wallet to check out. When they came out of the store, they met someone who handed out leaflets and stuffed small advertisements. Xu Rui looked down and found that it was a medical advertisement for heart disease. The advertisement is particularly nonsense, saying that congenital heart disease can be cured without surgery or medicine. Xu Rui curled her lips, congenital heart disease where so easy to cure, she knew one, minute dead. Wait, her heart suddenly sank, a letter from abroad, senior one, congenital heart disease? "What the hell, actually sent me a weight-loss advertisement, I am so angry!" Xia Shiya complained and turned to find Xu Rui missing. "Hey, Xu Rui, why are you standing there?" Xu Rui came to her senses and hurried up. She took Xia Shiya by the hand and asked, "Which foreign country did the letter come from?"? Is it America? Is the sender's surname Luo? Called Luo Han? Xia Shiya was a little confused by her surprise, "Yes, yes, it seems to be the United States, who I remember specifically?"? What's going on? Who is Luo Han? You didn't take it too seriously at that time. Luo Han is Xu Rui's childhood playmate, one of many playmates, before she naturally will not take it seriously. But what made her take it seriously was that Luo Han died later. She died young, in her first year of high school. Xu Rui was impressed because her grandmother had an accident and the family could not take out any money. When she had no way out, it was Luo Han's family who found her and gave her a sum of money to meet her urgent needs. Xu Rui refused at first, but Luo Han's family said that it was Luo Han's last wish and that she was the guiding light for Luo Han to fight against the disease. Where can she afford this? When she was a child, she did not know the seriousness of congenital heart disease at all, but also pulled Xiao Luohan to run around. Yes, Luo Han is two months younger than her. Because of her weak body, she was shorter than her when she was a child. Xu Rui has been calling him brother Luo. This brother Luo helped Xu Rui a lot, and of course she couldn't forget it, especially after knowing that he died in an accident. With a thump in her heart, Xu Rui asked earnestly, "By the way, have we been to Yuxi Mountain?" Xia Shiya gave her a strange look, "How do you know He Jikai arranged to go to Yuxi Mountain Hot Spring after his birthday?"? He told me to keep it a secret from you. Did he tell you? When Xu Rui heard this, he was relieved that it was not too late! System 1212: "In time for what?" Xu Rui: "Why did you suddenly come out?" System 1212: "Oh, by the way, I'll send you a main task. It costs fifty thousand yuan in twenty minutes." Xu Rui's heart beat faster. "What's the punishment for failure?" System 1212: "When a novice task is completed, one life is accumulated. If one fails, only one month's daily task is deducted.". If the second main line fails, the countdown to life begins. A month without daily tasks means that ten thousand yuan a day will fly away. It failed this time, and if it fails again, it will return to the previous life mission mode. That kind of last ten seconds of near-death experience, Xu Rui did not want to try again. Even if it wasn't for ten thousand yuan a day,Stone Honeycomb Panel, she couldn't waste a chance of her life here. Xu Rui immediately concentrated, "OK, where is the money?" System 1212: "There are two newsstands and three lottery outlets within 500 meters." 。 forustone.com


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