Ming Dysprosium Wind and Cloud Record

Ming Dysprosium Wind and Cloud RecordMing Dysprosium Wind and Cloud Record


Ximen Muye ran away quickly, but he heard Gu Xiaofeng's words clearly. He immediately thought, "Li Qiulong robbed me of the secret script of Poison Skill. He said he wanted to give it to the Lord of Black Wind Island. Then why can't I find the Lord of Black Wind Island to find a way?"? Although to the mouth of the steamed bread, Black Wind Island Lord may not be willing to spit out, but if I can invite the Dragon and Elephant Dharma King to come forward, there are still means to force him to spit out. He did not know that Gu Xiaofeng was killing two birds with one stone. When Gu and Han fought with Ximen Muye, Samurai Dun was fighting with Zhu Jiumu and Ren Tianwu. He Lingwei and Li Zhongzhu, who were replaced, joined the battle group. Li Zhongzhu attacked Ren Tianwu and He Lingwei attacked Zhu Jiumu. Ren, Zhu two people work together, just can withstand the Vajra palm of Bushidun, how to withstand Bushidun here and two more young and strong good hand. As soon as Zhu Jiumu saw that Ximen Muye had run away, he was even more flustered. With a loud cry, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and slapped Bushidun on the head. What Zhu Jiumu uses is the strangest kungfu in the evil school- "Tianmo Disintegration Dafa", which can double the power of Tianmo Disintegration Dafa after self-injury. But after it is a great loss of vitality, even if not dead, also have a serious illness. Only to hear the sound of "Peng", Zhu Jiumu threw up like a ball. Bushidun could not help shaking his body and shivering. At the same time, Ren Tianwu was so frightened that one of his acupoints was lit by Li Zhongzhu's warm jade flute. Ren Tianwu cried out and turned to run. I don't know if he was afraid of not running fast,ultrasonic spray nozzle, or if he couldn't hold on. After a few steps, he suddenly fell down and rolled down the hillside. He Lingwei looked back and saw that the warrior's face was covered with a layer of green air. He was taken aback and asked, "Master, what's the matter with you?" Bushidun took a deep breath and said, "It doesn't matter.". This devil uses Tianmo Disintegration Dafa, and his Shura Yin Sha Skill has been abolished by me. Li Zhongzhu suddenly exclaimed, "Hey,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there's someone else over there!" Out of the grass came a man, pale as paper. He came out, shook twice, suddenly screamed, and fell down again. It turned out that Yu Hualong was hiding in the thatch and wanted to wait for an opportunity to escape. Unexpectedly, it was affected by the power of Samurai Dun's palm and Zhu Jiumu's Shura Yin Sha Gong. Although the distance was dozens of paces away, Yu Hualong's ability was unbearable. Zhu Jiumu's Shura Yin Sha Gong came out after he made the "Tianmo Disintegration Dafa", and the extremely cold Yin Sha Qi was enough to condense his blood. Gu Xiaofeng kicked his eyes and shouted, "Well, it's you, the traitor!" Yu Hualong was scared out of his wits. He had suffered internal injuries, but when he was frightened, his heart cracked. Gu Xiaofeng ran to capture him alive, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic handheld welder, but he did not move. It turned out that he had been frightened out of his wits and died. "Brother Gu," said He Lingwei with a smile, "why did you come so quickly?" Gu Xiaofeng said, "I saw that you hadn't come back today and couldn't stay at home, so I went down the mountain for a walk to find out the news.". Unexpectedly, as soon as I got halfway down the mountain, I saw the snake flame arrow rising here. Li Zhongzhu said with a smile, "This snake flame arrow was shot by Yu Hualong. He wanted to fetch reinforcements, but it turned into a reminder for him.". This is really self-destructive. Gu Xiaofeng said, "This battle ruined the poison skills of Zhu Jiumu and Ximen Muye, and scared Yu Hualong to death.". It can also be said to be a great victory. It's a pity that only one Ren Tianwu ran away. Samurai Dun suddenly said with a smile, "Brother Li, you really deserve to be a proud disciple of Master Tan. The technique of pressing the acupoint with the warm jade flute just now is exquisite. It seems that you have already touched Ren Tianwu's Yuqi acupoint.". But you still seem to be a little lenient, I don't know if you are? Li Zhongzhu blushed and said, "Uncle Wu really has a good eye.". Little nephew, this, this. Gu Xiaofeng explained for him with a smile and said, "Brother Li and my cousin are childhood friends. Although Ren Tianwu is unrepentant, my cousin still hopes that her father will turn back." It turned out that Li Zhongzhu, for the sake of Ren Hongxiao, showed mercy to Ren Tianwu and did not use heavy techniques when he lit his acupoint. Otherwise, even if Ren Tianwu's internal strength is deep, he will not fall immediately and the acupoint will be sealed, and it will be difficult for him to escape. Han Peiying went on to say, "Hongxiao originally went down the mountain with us. We ran ahead and got there before her.". But she should be here by now. Brother Li, go and meet her. As expected, he saw Ren Hongxiao appear on the other side of the col and ran towards them. "Why didn't you come back until today?" Asked Ren Hongxiao. "Uncle He was worried to death." Han Peiying laughed and said, "In fact, she is the one who is most anxious.". Brother Li, you don't know that she has to go out of the gate several times every day these two days to see if you have come back, and she can't sleep at night. Ren Hongxiao blushed and said, "Brother He didn't come back with him. Aren't you worried these two days?"? I didn't go out to visit him just for him. Li Zhongzhu said with a smile, "Well, now that we're all back and we're not hurt, you can rest assured.". Not only did we come back, but we also had a guest you didn't expect. Samurai Dun was still wearing the clothes of Da Nei Wei Tu. Ren Hongxiao had already noticed it. Knowing that Li Zhongzhu was talking about him as a guest, he was greatly surprised. Li Zhongzhu said with a smile, "This Master Wu is Brother He's master, the officer of the'imperial guards' who secretly helped us at the Temple of Heaven that night." Ren Hongxiao was suddenly enlightened and hurriedly thanked him. "I've been away from the Central Plains for nearly ten years," said Samurai Dun. "When I came back today, I realized how many more years of heroes have been added to the chivalrous path. I'm really very happy. Miss Ren, it is even more rare for you to come out of the mud and not be stained. Although I am older than you,ultrasonic welding transducer, we are going the same way. Your business is also my business. What can we do to help or not? When Ren Hongxiao heard the earnest words of the elder swordsman, her heart was full of gratitude and discomfort. She and Li Zhongzhu passed by and asked in a low voice, "Do you see my father?"? Just now you seemed to be fighting with the enemy. Who were those people? 。 fycgsonic.com


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