Fat Girl Wants to Turn Over — — Xiaolongren Finishing

Fat Girl Wants to Turn Over — — Xiaolongren FinishingFat Girl Wants to Turn Over — — Xiaolongren Finishing


Father Ai looked at me, as if laughing at my overreach. "Why should I listen to you?" I wipe away tears, seriously said: "If you do not withdraw, I immediately leave Yan Lei, I immediately roll far away, will never appear in front of you." "Why are you giving up?" Ami looked at me contemptuously, bored: "So this is the end of the game?"? It's so boring. She clapped her hands and prepared. The posture of calling it a day. I ignored her disdain and looked hopefully at Ai's father. Xiao Yi, no. Yan Lei scratched his hands everywhere and was at a loss. Ami was surprised and seemed to finally discover that there was something wrong with Yan Lei's eyes. My heart was soft and I hesitated bitterly. Yan Lei, I.. I hope his eyes are good. What's the matter? What's going on? Ai's father asked. I gritted my teeth and said, "OK, I will do what I say." I looked at Yan Lei, seemingly natural and unrestrained wipe nose, inhaled, said: "Yan Lei, we are not suitable, I do not like you, you do not like me, Yan mother." It's all for your own good, I.. I'm leaving. With that, I turned around. Yan Lei miraculously grasped my hand, but looked at me stubbornly and refused to let go. There was a strange feeling in my heart, and I seemed to smell the faint smell of cigars on Hexuan. Stunned,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, I instinctively silently read in my heart: "Sincerely, for a lifetime." Red, fire-like crimson rose from Yan Lei's chest. Ami and I were stunned. Only Ai's father and mother looked at us suspiciously. Ami's face was even more pale with fear, and she bared her teeth and claws as if she was going to rush over and destroy something. I saw Hexuan, the moment I saw him, I also saw Ami fall heavily on the ground. Seducing a good dad 4 How can this happen? Why is there sincerity at this time? I looked at the blurred heart-shaped red mark at a loss, trying to do something but unable to move, trying to say something but my throat seemed to be pinched and unable to send out. The slightest sound. Hexuan smiled at me with an encouraging smile: "Yes, this is the second time,Brushless Gear Motor, and the second time is so easy." He smiled contentedly and raised his hand. Don't- "I exclaimed in unison with Ami, who was struggling on the ground and had not yet stood up.". He Xuan ignored, the hand instantly waved, Yan Lei's chest "pop" a muffled sound, his body quickly before and after a shake, followed by a closed eye instantly opened. He Xuan disappeared, and Ami's face was full of cruelty. I can not think of looking at the shocking scene, all this is too sudden, why at this moment?! Yan Lei took my hand and released it very slowly. I turned pale with fright and tried to pull it back, but he had already released it. I scratched a few times in the air with my weak fingers. What? None of them. Yan Lei also looked at me in shock and amazement. He took off his glasses in disbelief. There was a brilliant light in his dark eyes, which stuck to his handsome face. On your face, perfect and beautiful! I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming or crying! What is the ending? Is it good or bad? "Xiao Yi, I.." I see you. Yan Lei's face was ecstatic, his voice was trembling, and the hand of his glasses was trembling again, 12v High Torque Motor ,24v Gear Motor, but all this seemed to me. So ferocious: "Xiao Yi, you are so beautiful." Tears flowed uncontrollably, and I seemed to be happy and sad, crying and laughing. Xiaoyi, I saw it, I actually saw it. Yan Lei grabbed me again like a ghost, and his hand shook coldly, shaking me. Ami was so angry that he stood up and left. Ai's father and mother were also shocked to look at this scene, the lips wriggled for a long time, Ai's father finally spit out a difficult sentence: "Miracle?"? It's a miracle. "Uncle, I'm all right. I can't believe I saw it." Yan Lei is a little incoherent. I closed my eyes and wept, not knowing what to do. PS: Fourth watch in a row, early girls. Today still has 6 more, oh also seduce good old father 5 "You are good now, be more capable to contend with Ai Shi?" Ai's father's face sank again after a long time. It's more of a worry. Yes, with Yan Lei's ability now, he has no need to fear Ai Shi, even if the loss, also absolutely can stand up again. "Uncle, what are you talking about?" Yan Lei asked in reply, completely restoring his previous confident tone: "I won't break up with Amy. I used to have questions in my eyes." I don't want to delay Amy. I looked at him sadly, as expected will not love, as expected lost sincere person, forget love. He loved me, didn't he? He had just lost his heart, but he knew he was back with Amy. If you lose your heart, human nature will change? Will also use it? Whose fault is it that things have turned out like this? At the moment of silence, the door of the operating room opened and the nurse pushed Amy out. Her face was as pale as ever, but she was not unconscious. Yan Lei did not hesitate to shake off my hand and ran over, holding Amy's hand, said happily: "Amy, my eyes are good, I can see." He reached out to touch it. Amy's cheek, words of reproach: "Look at you, why do you look so ugly?"? Don't do such a silly thing again. Amy's lips twitched a few times, and her hand pinched herself secretly, apparently suspecting that she was in a dream. Amy, I'm really good. I'll never leave you again. Yan Lei resumed his playful conversation with Amy, just like how many times he had teased before. My heart twitched, as if I was being pulled by something. Sure enough, he did not understand love, his expression was the same as before, but in his eyes, there was a strange disgust. I saw it, though it passed in a flash, I saw it. I couldn't bear to watch it, so I turned around and ran away. Go back to the villa. I want to go back to the villa, Hexuan. Damn Hexuan. Group: 88650463 to seduce good dad 6 to the villa, Hexuan indeed as expected and so on there. He smoked calmly, as if he had anticipated my arrival. What's the matter? Not willing to give up? His face was smiling and triumphant,small geared motors, but his tone was cold. Ami, who was also sitting beside us, looked at us with hatred and seemed to think. Look at our jokes. ichgearmotor.com


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