She pulled my sleeve nervously and told me

She pulled my sleeve nervously and told meShe pulled my sleeve nervously and told me


"Lord Su, I'm so sorry!"! Huang Mou came directly without first worshipping the post! "Where, where!"! Let Lord Huang wait for a long time! It's just Lord Huang, this. I hesitantly pointed to Rui Wang, who was kneeling on the ground, and did not dare to speak casually. Mother also, a prince also, kneeling in my home flower hall, spread out, will someone accuse me of contempt for the first emperor ah! This is the Rui King granted by the late emperor! "Shame, shame!"! Although my niece was named Rui Wang, she grew up in the military camp. Recently, I just returned to Beijing for a few days, but I made a group of dubious friends. If I hadn't found her out with a group of people today, I wouldn't have known that she had become an evil in the capital. So I came to apologize to the adults. What are you waiting for? Why don't you make amends to Lord Su? Lord Huang said sternly to King Rui, who was also obedient and ready to salute me. Come on, how can a prince kneel down to make amends to me! I hastened to help her up directly before King Rui worshipped her. Lord Huang, I can't afford this gift. Today I just have a little friction with King Rui. It's not a big deal. My Lord, can this be.. I looked at Lord Huang hesitantly, but her behavior was totally beyond my expectation. Let a prince, or the first emperor's own prince,x52 line pipe, kowtow to a minister, this is not a matter of any Dynasty! "Thank you, Lord!" "Thank you, Lord Su!" Rui Wang stood up, I hurriedly asked the attendant to prepare some plasters for Rui Wang, but don't let anything happen! "Lord Su is so tolerant!" "You're welcome, Lord Huang!"! Rui Wang first entered the capital, novelty is inevitable,uns c68700, adults do not restrain Rui Wang too much! I asked Lord Huang to sit down, and they chatted, while King Rui listened quietly to our conversation. I took advantage of this time to look at this Rui Wang carefully. Sure enough, it still belongs to the fat type, but in contrast, it is still much better than Sister Furong! At least, it doesn't look so strange now! "I'm ashamed to say!"! It was Huang Mou's lax discipline that made Rui Wang act these days. "How can Huang be worthy of the ancestors of the Huang family?" "Lord Huang doesn't have to blame himself!"! Sumou believes that Ruiwang is just young and curious. As long as you find someone to guide her, naturally these situations will not happen again! "That's true, but who can we look for now?" Lord Huang's words, let me nod, lost in thought, in fact, the heart is thinking is guessing this Lord Huang today with Rui Wang, in the end is selling what medicine ah! "Lord Su, x56 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, Huang Mou has an unkind request." Seeing that I hadn't answered her again for a long time, Lord Huang seemed to be worried. Adults, please say, as long as Sumou can do it, Sumou will absolutely go through fire and water, no matter what. I hastened to promise that the fox's tail would finally be exposed. XiaGuan think of adult accept Rui king this disciple, I don't know adult. "Huh?"? Take Rui Wang as an apprentice? My head is full of question marks? How to accept Rui Wang as an apprentice? "My Lord!" Huang adult suddenly knelt down, "adult is too female too auxiliary, XiaGuan also know, adult business is busy.". But Ruier is the only blood of my Huang family. Please accept Ruier as a disciple for the sake of the late emperor! The sudden kneeling of Lord Huang frightened me so much that I quickly knelt down, "Lord, please get up quickly!"! How can I, Su Yiqing, accept King Rui as my disciple? That's the truth. Don't I know I can do it? I think my greatest skill is to be a rice worm. Now that Rui Wang has been handed over to me, is it difficult to cultivate her into a rice worm? If this is true, I am afraid that the ancestors of your Huang family will climb out of the grave to find me! "Please promise Xiaoguan!"! Otherwise, XiaGuan will not be able to kneel! Ruier! Lord Huang's cry made King Rui kneel down to me. Oh, my God! How can I afford it! "Well, well, Sumou accepted Rui Wang!"! Lord Huang, please get up, and Lord Rui, please get up! Lord Huang looked at me contentedly and accepted Ruiwang. He called Ruiwang and gave me a cup of master tea. He chatted for a while and took Ruiwang away contentedly. Alas, I got another trouble! After dinner, she was in her room "Oh, what do you think is the purpose of Lord Huang's coming today?"? Is she just asking me to help discipline Rui Wang? I asked, lying on the soft bed with my eyes half closed. She was calculating for the cost of Ning Chun Lou. When she heard my question, she answered me without raising her head. "I don't think it's that simple!" "Yes!"! I think so, too, but what does that mean? As I spoke, I got excited and turned over and sat on the bed. Ah! No, she. He raised his head and looked at me nervously. That one I pondered for a moment, "not like!"! She shouldn't know! "Why is that?" "Well, I don't know!"! Look at her appearance today, there is a little bit of Liu Bei's feeling of being an orphan, which really gives me a bad feeling! "Liu Bei entrusts an orphan?"? Do you think you are Zhuge Liang? She said to me with a smile. Do you know? I'm a little surprised. Well, she told me a lot about the history of your country. She also told me about the Three Kingdoms period! He put down his pen and gently rubbed his shoulders. Why, is there a lot of things? I rolled out of bed and came to her side. It's okay! Sunny, you should pay more attention to it! Let the moon follow them closely. She pulled my sleeve nervously and told me. OK! I know, now only one step is one step! Don't worry! Are you tired? I'll give you a massage! With that, he began to massage his shoulders with his hands. Now that I have two husbands, naturally I have one day. But recently, both of them have been very busy. Yesterday, they went to Jinru and massaged him for half a day. Well-a little heavier! She made a satisfied sound, closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Looking at the way he closed his eyes, my hand unconsciously began to gradually downward from the shoulder position, in a twinkling of an eye,316l stainless steel pipe, to his chest, the hand automatically and consciously found the lovely cherry, bad began to rub up.


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