As soon as the maid entered the garden

As soon as the maid entered the gardenAs soon as the maid entered the gardenAs soon as the maid entered the garden


Xi Yin did not expect his fan support group to be so warm, not only brought flowers and gifts, some also brought home specialties, and even some people personally cooked ginseng soup, but also specially packed with insulation cups. Xi Yin was originally a person who was not good at expressing his emotions, and he was so moved by everyone's actions that he did not know what to say. Near the evening, after the fans left, Zhan Raozhi returned to the ward. As soon as I returned to the ward, I saw the ward almost full of flowers and gifts. Your fans are so nice to you. Zhan Yizhi looked around the ward and then sat next to Xi Yin's bed and joked. What about you, a fake fan? Xi Yin raised the corners of his mouth, reached out his hand and pinched Zhan's chin, leaning forward slightly, "What do you want to give me?" "You want.." Zhan Yizhi was forced to raise his chin slightly and looked at Xi Yin with a pair of long and narrow eyes. Before he had finished speaking, he was kissed by Xi Yin, and the latter half of the sentence was drowned between each other's lips and teeth. A smile overflowed from the corners of his mouth,Inflatable bouncer, and he held Xi Yin tightly in his arms, deepening the kiss. Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps at the door. Xi Yin thought it was the doctor who had come to make rounds, so he pushed Zhan Raozhi hard, breathing heavily and saying softly,inflatable amusement park, "I know, someone is coming." Zhan knew that the kiss was not enough, and he looked at Xi Yin with a pair of emotional brown eyes. When he saw who was standing at the door, Xi Yin opened his eyes wide in surprise. Zhanraozhi looked at Xi Yin's expression a little wrong, but also turned to look at the door. But when he saw who was coming, Zhan's face darkened in an instant. Why is Miss Yan here? Zhan Yizhi stood up and looked at Yan Roupi with a smile. I came to see Xi Yin. Yan Rou smiled at Zhan Yizhi and then approached Xi Yin. Then you can have a good chat! Zhanraozhi threw down a sentence angrily, deliberately aggravated the back three words, and hurried towards the door. The quiet ward was filled with the faint fragrance of flowers and the smell of disinfectant. Xi Yin.. Yan Rou went straight to Zhan Yizhi's bedside and sat down, calling out Xi Yin's name. As soon as the words were spoken, tears followed. Don't cry, I'm all right. Xi Yin said, inflatable castle with slide ,large inflatable water slide, handing the paper towel to Yan Rou. Yan Rou grasped Xi Yin's hand and looked at him with tears in her eyes and said affectionately, "Xi Yin, come with me.". I'll take you away from Xingyao! Leave Zhanraozhi! Xi Yin pulled back the hand held by Yan Rou and looked at Yan Rou frowning and asked, "Why don't you ask me if I want to leave?" "Aren't you in a trading relationship?" Yan Rou looked at Xi Yin in disbelief. "Can it be said that you have fallen in love with her?" "You go back." Xi Yin turned his head and did not look into Yan Rou's eyes. Ha ha, ha ha. Yan Rou stood up and looked at Xi Yin with a sneer and asked, "Are you driving me away?" "Don't waste your time on me." Xi Yin turned his head and looked at Yan Rou and said earnestly, "I'm not worth it." "It's not up to you whether it's worth it or not!" Yan Rou suddenly lost control of her emotions and shouted at Xi Yin. Yan Rou.. Xi Yin had never seen Yan Rou like this. In that case, we'll see! Yan Rou said, deliberately emphasizing the last three words. Yan Rou, what are you going to do? Xi Yin hurriedly said. You will know. Yan Rou lightly dropped a sentence, turned around and ran out of the ward without looking back. Zhan Yizhi wandered around outside for nearly an hour before returning to the ward, only to find that Xi Yin's face was very ugly. Do you still have feelings for that Yan? Zhanraozhi looked down at Xi Yin and asked coldly. Do you want to know? Xi Yin raised his eyes and looked at Zhanraozhi with a pair of brown eyes. "Then you get closer and I'll tell you." Zhan Raozhi endured the anger in his heart and reluctantly sat down beside Xi Yin's bed to see what she had to say. As soon as Zhan Yizhi sat down, Xi Yin hugged Zhan Yizhi into his arms and kissed his lips mercilessly. "" Zhan Raozhi looked at Xi Yin in surprise, the kiss was too overbearing, and the kiss made Zhan Raozhi sing softly. After a kiss, Xi Yin left Zhanraozhi's soft lips and looked at Zhanraozhi's mouth, "This is my answer." Zhan Yizhi looked at Xi Yin quietly, unable to speak for a moment, a pair of brown pupils instantly moist. Chapter 95 The first ray of sunshine in the morning shines into the garden, reflecting on the rain and dew of petals, glittering and translucent dewdrops with dazzling light, just like a paradise. "Sister Xiaoyu, leave the matter of picking flowers to me." As soon as the maid entered the garden, she saw the housekeeper's daughter picking flowers in a basket. The delicate and beautiful roses with rain and dew were picked and put into the basket. No, just come and help me. Wu Xiaoyu turned to look at the maid with a smile and handed the basket to the maid. Sister Xiaoyu, will Miss Xi come back with you? Asked the maid. I'm sure I will. Wu Xiaoyu picked a flower and was about to put it in the basket when she looked at the maid and asked, "Why do you ask this?" "Then you have to pick some lilies." The maid smiled and said, "Last time General Zhan was covered with lilies at home, I think Miss Xi must like lilies very much." "Well, that's all right." Wu Xiaoyu nodded slightly, "then you go and get another basket, and we'll go and pick some lilies." Wu Xiaoyu directed the servants at home to conduct a thorough cleaning of the mansion inside and outside. Roses and lilies were placed in several vases in the living room, and a large bunch of lilies were placed in the vase in Xi Yin's room. Wu Xiaoyu looked at the lilies dripping in the vase in the bedroom, blooming proudly and nodding with satisfaction. Near dinner time,Inflatable indoor park, General Manager Zhan's car finally drove into the gate of the courtyard. Wu Xiaoyu took the servants and hurried forward to help with the luggage, but did not find the president's figure. Miss Xi, are you all right? 。


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