Learn how to cancel a JetBlue flight the proper way

Learn how to cancel a JetBlue flight the proper way


JetBlue Airlines, fortunately, has a very liberal cancellation policy in the case of an unexpected emergency. As a result, use the information below to figure out How to Cancel a JetBlue Flight:


* First and foremost, go to JetBlue's official website on your browser.

* Additionally, search for the Manage Booking tab on JetBlue's main page.

* Then go to Manage Bookings and select My Trips to be sent to a new page.

* Then, in the designated field, enter your booking code and last name.

* Then press the find button to retrieve all of your JetBlue booked flights

* After that, open the individual booking that you want to cancel

* Then navigate to the cancel button next to the flight you want to cancel

* JetBlue will notify you about your cancelled flight within a few minutes

* After that, you must submit a refund request with JetBlue Airline for ge.


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