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I'm not saying there would be a riot, but The show 21 stubs imagine if the point 3 showdowns had lively customized difficulty and instead of 20 vouchers for veteran issue, you earned 2 vouchers rather, because that is what it actually ought to be at veteran difficulty.

With the number of negative posts I see about Sony partners are shocked to find that 64% say they liked or loved it. I am contained in there, but I felt like I had been in the minority based on the things I see here.If you designed this questionnaire, OP, and also have interest in questionnaire design, please do a little research on how to really do it.This survey is ridiculously biased. It could not be more evident if it started with bold flashing text that stated"I believe in X, Y, Z and would like to make a data collection that supports my own beliefs"

I am flabbergasted that so little people bought OOTP, particularly with the whining about Franchise style. Also this sub seems to be quite hard core baseball fans so I expected there to be cross over.I feel just like show fans want to be more interactive in the actual match. Maybe that's why. They're used to actually playing Buy MLB 21 the show stubs games as opposed to simulation.