Culture will concentrate

Guy stated that the embedding of Artwork Archive's website


Culture will concentrate on the stories of artists and will highlight their background in culture. To this end it is the


Culture team will be rewriting the labels for all artwork. (And finding wall label makers to help save time during the process).


Jordan explains that although the artwork cannot rotate beyond the building, it is able to move within the space. But its location within the space, as well as its interpretation is able to be re-examined.


This will help us find new connections. We hope the people will gain an understanding of the artists behind their work and be able to relate to their stories.


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Artwork Archive allows you to build a library that will expand with the needs of the institution you work for.

Guy stated that the embedding of Artwork Archive's website was one of the main reasons they chose Artwork Archive to manage the collection. The building out of the


It is an ongoing effort to include public art sections on their website. Artwork Archive will be able to synch their collection inventory when they have completed.


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