Art allows investors

Art allows investors to move some liquidity


 AA: Does art truly an investment that is worth it in your opinion?

 SB: For investors, markets are constantly going up and falling. You know that investors want stability. educationcareeradvisors education career advisors Website education career advisors com likecareer like career Website like career com earnmoneynetwork earn money network Website earn money network com business-stepbystep business step by step Website business step by step com dailybusinessstudy daily business study Website daily business study com

 what's stable? A Picasso. Beyond its intellectual, emotional and aesthetic worth, art has proved to be a tangible asset that will appreciate over time.

 Art is a perfect example of these qualities which can be used as an alternative investment class and also has low volatility as opposed to stocks which may be prone to volatility.

 Exemple: Double-digit losses in just one hour. Art allows investors to move some liquidity to assets suited to be preserved and

 You can increase your wealth during times of extreme uncertainty


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