Amazing Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye (Vaidooryam) Gemstone

Cat's Eye is a popular semi-precious gemstone that is also known as Lahsuniya Ratna, Vaidooryam Stone, and Vaiduryam Ratna in Hindi and Vedic astrology this gemstone performs a huge role. Hence this gemstone has got so much popularity all over the world.


Cat's Eye is a popular semi-precious gemstone that is also known as Lahsuniya Ratna, Vaidooryam Stone, and Vaiduryam Ratna in Hindi and Vedic astrology this gemstone performs a huge role. Hence this gemstone has got so much popularity all over the world. This honey-colored gemstone is found in the different hues that range from gray, black, honey, and yellowish-green. Cats Eye or Vaidooryam stone should only be used after the recommendation by an expert astrologer who has thoroughly examined your birth chart. In the world of Vedic astrology, Cat's Eye or Lehsunia stone is the gemstone for the mythical planet 'Ketu' which is also termed as 'Dragon's Tail' as it is the headless lower body of the shadow planet Rahu. Cat's Eye gemstone is mainly used to promote the advantages of Ketu in one’s birth chart.


In the world of Vedic Astrology, Cat's eye gemstone (Lehsunia Ratna) is one of the most sought-after gemstones – beautiful and amazing in itself. A huge number of individuals across the world prefer to use cat eyes or Lehsunia stone to bring good luck into their lives. The stone is titled so as it takes a very apparent resemblance with the eyes of a cat. Lehsunia Ratna is believed to be linked with wisdom and intellect. Lehsunia Stone, aka Vaidooryam Stone, owns innumerable metaphysical properties ingrained in it and that is what intrigues people.


Here we are going to share the top benefits of wearing cats eye stone or Lehsunia Ratna:-

Effective Stress Reliever

Cat's Eye Stone or Vaidooryam stone is one of the most powerful crystals that can break your anxiety and can provide you relief from any other type of issue. If you have been undergoing major stressful situations in life and are incapable to preserve pace with the same then a cat's eye stone can be of tremendous help. Cat's eye stone or Lehsunia Ratna effectively helps to balance your mental health and obtain peace for you. Unhealthy desires and a sense of jealousy and hatred can be degrading to your mental health, Wearing a cat's Eye Stone (Lehsunia Ratna) can help you stay away from such harmful ideas and feelings while offsetting your life. This gemstone works as a stress detox which is considered one of the major tasks of the cat-eye gemstone.

Invites Good Luck

Sometimes it's like the wheels don’t turn. Despite pushing hard and putting in all of your struggles, are something not revolving around good for you? Maybe it is your chance that is not on track. Wake up your great fortune and replenish your life with a gain of positivity through Cat's Eye Stone (Lehsunia Ratna). Also, if you are into games and businesses that rely on luck then a cat's eye gemstone (Lehsunia Ratna) can be a great thing for you. Most Astrologers often prescribe cat's eye gemstone or Lehsunia stone to gamblers, shareholders, and speculation business people. Just you need to keep a cat-eye gemstone around your space and start to experience the good vibes of the gemstone.

Wealth Prosperity

Cat's Eye Stone aka Lehsunia Ratna not only invites luck into your life but also unlocks doors for wealth and fortune. If you are continuously running short of funds and are suffering from a lack of prosperity in life then a cat's eye gemstone can be a great option for you. Lehsunia Ratna is best prescribed to the people who are incapable to pay off their debts. If you are troubled by debt and like to vacate them as soon as possible, the cat-eye gemstone can be an excellent choice for you. Another gemstone that can deliver wealth and wealth in your life is ruby – check out the benefits of wearing ruby gemstone here. The cat's Eye Stone or Lehsunia Ratna is also been understood to ease people from extreme monetary issues. In order to get amazing results, you need to keep the stone in your office.

Psychic Healing and Protection

Many people are psychologically crushed owing to depression and insecurity. If you lack confidence in your life and sometimes got depressed by the poor lifestyle that you are owning, then the cat-eye gemstone is a great gemstone for you. It is a kind of lucky charm that can save you against almost every type of negative power and bad eye spirit. Wearing a cat's eye gemstone can enhance body positivity and escape from psychic disorders of anorexia and bulimia. In the case of chronic disorders, individuals are plagued by mental trauma and atrocities. Lehsunia Ratna also helps to overwhelm all of that.

Cure for Ketu Dasha

Among the numerous benefits that Cat's Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Ratna) delivers, one of the most significant is that it works as a remedy for individuals who are troubled by the suspense of Ketu Dasha. Planet Ketu Dasha is not only one of the most fascinating Kundli doshas in the life of a person but is also one of the doshas that remain with the individual for a long time. If you have acquired your horoscope capped and you know that Ketu Dasha can ruin your whole life, it is an elevated time that you can wear a cat-eye gemstone or Lehsunia Ratna. The cat-eye gemstone also helps to vacate the bad consequences of planet Ketu Dasha from your life. Cat-eye causes a sense of understanding and creativity in your life that refuses all negativities.


Cat's eye Gemstone or Lehsunia stone is an amazing stone to clear the ill consequences of pessimism and fear from your life. Imbue your life with new valor and faith with cheerful vibes in your life. Cat's eye Stone (Lehsunia Ratna) also allows for regaining the lost capital and health. Also, wearing a cat's eye stone even be used to recover old business that may have been lost due to some circumstances.

Cat's eyes are widely respected as these gemstones aid in healing and enhance the wit and intelligence of the wearer. So, when are you buying one cat eye for you?

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